My Flash Camp St. Louis Presentation (2011)

Posted:  September 13th, 2011 by:  JeffBNimble comments:  2

My Flash Camp St. Louis 2011 slides and sample code are online and available. These are from my How Not To Suck as a Flex Developer presentation on 09/09/2011.

How Not To Suck as a Flex Developer

Please feel free to give me a shout or leave comments or questions.

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  • polyGeek

    I can’t believe you would say that I suck. I thought we were friends. :-)

    Seriously, this, along with a few other experiences, point out the shortcomings in my developer education. It’s definitely something to work on. But it’s hard because when I have time to work on my education I lean towards things like Away3D fun stuff vs struggling through using a framework. Really hard to resist the lure of 3D fun.

    On my list of things to do is create a simple app using a few of the major frameworks you mentioned just to see how they work. Expect a blog post on the subject sometime later this year.