360|Flex session survey results

Posted:  April 21st, 2011 by:  JeffBNimble comments:  1

So like this one time….at band camp….I spoke at 360|Flex in Denver. My session was entitled IoC Concepts with examples in Swiz, RobotLegs and Parsley.

I want to thank everyone that attended and especially those that provided feedback. Feedback is extremely helpful for those that speak or present. It lets us know how we’re doing and what we need to change to improve. The most beneficial type of feedback to me is when someone takes the time to provide constructive commentary.

So, for those of you that missed it, I’ll provide a link to the recorded session once it has been published.

IoC Concepts with Examples in Swiz, RobotLegs and Parsley

Inversion of Control (IOC) is all the rage of late and all of the latest generation of Flex frameworks are IoC implementations including Robot Legs, Swiz and Parsley. A thorough understanding of the underlying concepts will help you to not only choose the best framework for your use, but also to utilize those frameworks most effectively. This session will cover the important concepts including dependency, coupling, injection and the benefits that are had by using an IoC framework. Some coverage of the current popular frameworks will be given to see how each implements IoC. We will examine some of the drawbacks/issues of using IoC with Flex and also discuss some practical approaches to using IoC on your projects.

Respondants: 9 What the user Expected? 100.00 % Slides Useful: 100.00 %
Average Rating: 4.44 out of 5 Session Informative? 100.00 %    

Was the speaker authoritive?

  • Jeff gave lots of information about IoC and the specific frameworks in his talk. Also enjoyed hearing about his background in programming.

Was the Session Informative?

  • It was good to learn about the concept of IoC in general and learn more about the presented frameworks. There was a good amount of theoretical as well as practical information.

Were the Slides Useful?

  • Always like code in the slides

Additional Comments:

  • Send your slides to Joel first next time. :)
  • Really enjoyed Jeff’s talk. He was an engaging and knowledgeable presenter and I would love to see another of his talks.
  • Christopher Ball

    Rrally enjoyed this presentation. Are the slides available?